Sunday, March 24, 2013

Waiting and Snowing

My, my, it is March 24th, and it is snow, snow, snowing again.

Snowing even on the dogs prized finds from the woods. We don't need to buy bones around here.

And while it is snowing, we are waiting. Waiting for Papa to let us know if he's coming home with our tractor. There has been much time devoted to searching for the right tractor at the right price, IN OUR AREA. Yes, this has been the issue. But we believe we have finally found a tractor of the proper size that can do all that we need it to do right here in our area. So, now the kids and I wait. And hope. Hope that when Papa gets there, he finds that it really is all that we have been looking for, and that we are done searching. Perhaps when we have a tractor, spring will finally be here in more than a calendar date way, and we can stop with this snow business and get on with dirt and seed and coop business. So just to help that process along, while it snows, and while we wait, Bella (my child-after-my-own-heart, my co-conspirator of garden joy, my spring-fever-sister) and I will be starting our herb and tomato seeds with the soil that she collected from our rich-soil woods. With a little help from the siblings, expert stackers, cup-fillers, and hole-punchers that they are.

Waiting and snowing - the perfect backdrop for spring seed planting.

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  1. It's neat that you posted a picture of the snow coming down after me stating how beautiful is was. We got nothing so far here today, even though the weather map said it should have rained most of the afternoon. Great post!! Love ya all, Nan