Monday, March 25, 2013

We Own A Tractor

Last night, we waited, and planted some of what we want to grow this spring (forty roma tomato seeds and some sage, to be exact). Yes, spring, if it ever gets here in full. And finally, as the snow came to a hault, Papa called to say he was coming home with a tractor. It's a simple statement, really. "We own a tractor." I had no idea it would have the effect on me that it did. My goodness. We have been searching for months, looking for the right tractor at the right price, and I have to say, it had become such a lull, a norm to be looking, that I forgot once we found one we would own a tractor. Last night, in the dark, just before the second wave of snow came our way, I could hear the rumble of the truck and trailor, borrowed, coming down the drive. In the darkness, all I could see were lights and blurs. I scurried from window to window, peeping out and trying to get a photo that could capture my emotions.

And then it hit me. We own a tractor. I felt slightly rediculous, the range of emotions that were scattering all over the place. But we're here, we have turkeys, they'll be laying eggs soon, and we have a tractor. Seems this life may just really be happening to me. Hmmm. After years of loving this place and this life, now I'm living this place and this life. No wonder I was a blubbering mess.

And this morning, as soon as food was consumed and dishes were washed, there was a trio packing on the snow suits for the last time (hopefully) and heading down to the tractor.

And this is my view from the computer, with all three piled on.

And although the girls are now all inside with me (Bella did make her way out - she wasn't feeling up to it early), the boys are still out there, climbing all over it. Getting familiar, that's what they're doing. I know that is a good thing. It will be the first thing they drive, I'm sure. And soon we'll all choose a name for our tractor. A good name. Seems these days we're surrounded by good things.


  1. Woohoo!- Rebekah Feeley

  2. Yea, That should help with the wood gathering, as well as other things!! Nan