Monday, April 22, 2013

So Much Good

There is so much good going on around here these days.

Loads of sourdough. Gluten-free sourdough. Sourdough bread, sourdough biscuits, sourdough pancakes. And a table-full of happy children to enjoy them.

The last of the spring yard-full-of-flowers on this old homestead. The first spring that we got to enjoy them daily.

A greening understory out of the kitchen window, as seen past the Narcissus on the windowsill. Seems Old Man Winter has finally let go of us here in this valley.

A tractor, and sunsets. Both good for a Mama's soul.

A boy, growing, learning to be a man, and a yard getting graded flat(ter).

He has a good teacher.

Another boy, learning that he doesn't necessarily get everything his brother does. Even though that is a hard, hard lesson for a 5-year-old, high-spirited, super-emotion boy, it is still a good thing.

Rabbits in their new hutches, with more room to move about, and fresh outside air.

Wait, those aren't rabbits...

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