Saturday, April 6, 2013

{My Favorite Things}

This is a little section I will try to update quite frequently. It's always nice to share My Favorite Things about this adventure on this homestead, as well as having a little reminder of how wonderful we have it. So, without further ado, because not many words are needed:

{My Favorite Things}

1. Daily finds from a hike with friends.
2. Looking out my window to still a sea of yellow, after the daily finds, AND after sending our friends home with a huge bundle of yellow as well. And it's just beginning.
3. TWO turkey eggs, the second laid in the barrel without throwing all the bedding out, therefore not cracked as well as perfectly formed (way to go Pavo!).
4. Cookie bags made into "Terkey Egg" holders, complete with easter grass, and their careful labellers. Those big eggs just don't fit into an egg carton by any means.
5. Happy ears with adorable speckled eggs on them (mine and Bella's - our little spring pre-chickens gift to ourselves), thanks to a wonderful Etsy find from Australia.
6. Evening bunny socialization and feeding time viewed from my window, with a quiet house and a sleeping baby behind me.
7. Our new adventure into gluten-free sourdough bread. A little mix between this and this, and a whole lot of yum.
8. Hearing our youngest, walking across the field, calling "MOO!" Not because she thinks turkeys say moo, but because she wants to get her hands on Moose (our nickname for our Muslo).
9. Onions, onions, onions, and having enough left even after my (three youngest) onion theives eat their share of what I try to plant. Sylvia, dear baby, spitting them out into the dirt is not planting them.
10. Turkey vultures, back to hang out with is and sun on the old chimney. They used to sun and roost on the barn roof, but we decided to turn that into a house, so they have been relocated, but they still come and visit us often.


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